Creating an Integration Object

An Integration Object is created from a macro. Follow the steps described in Macros and host terminal to record a macro.

Right click on the macro in the ZIETrans Projects view and select Create Integration Object. The Integration Object will have the same name as the macro. You can also set a preference in ZIETrans to automatically generate an Integration Object when a macro is recorded. Click Window > Preferences, expand ZIETrans in the tree on the left, and click Integration Object. Select the box labeled Automatically generate Integration Object when saving macro, then click Apply.

When naming a macro used to create an Integration Object, ensure that you follow these requirements:
  • The name of the macro must consist of only letters, digits, or underscore characters.
  • The first character of the name cannot be a numeral.
  1. Automatically generated Integration Objects are always non-chained.
  2. For information about creating Integration Objects when using DBCS support see Creating an Integration Object.

Integration Objects cannot get created from chained macros. Integration Object chaining is quite different from macro chaining, in that each Integration Object in a chain is run to completion before the next Integration Object in the chain takes control. Macro chaining, using the ZIETrans play macro action, terminates the current macro (the one in which the play macro action occurs) and begins to process the specified macro screen of the target macro. If you import a Host On-Demand macro that contains the <playmacro name="chainedMacroName"/> tag, you can only use this macro in the ZIETrans play macro and perform macro transaction actions. See ZIETrans Advanced Macro Guide for more information about macro chaining.

If a macro is changed using the macro editor, after an Integration Object has been created from that particular macro, the Integration Object has to be regenerated to accurately reflect the change. If the Automatically generate Integration Object when saving macro preference is selected, the Integration Object will be updated automatically.

To see a list of Integration Objects which you have created, click the ZIETrans Projects view tab of the ZIETrans Toolkit and expand the project name, then go to Source > IntegrationObject and double click the folder to view the contents.
Note: The IntegrationObject folder under Source is only visible after creating your first Integration Object.