AutoIME switching

Host screens may often contain both DBCS and SBCS fields. ZIETrans will automatically turn on IME when the cursor is located on a DBCS field and turn off IME when the cursor is located on an SBCS field.

  1. Support is provide only for ZIETrans Web applications using Internet Explorer.
  2. AutoIME is supported for DBCS sessions for all fields except DBCS mix (3270), DBCS open (O), DBCS either (E), and Inhibit keyboard entry (I) .
  3. Support is provided at the field level and not at the character level.
  4. Support is not provide in the Combo widget.
  5. In ZIETrans Web applications on Japanese Windows platforms, the IME will switch to DBCS (or Zenkaku) hiragana mode when the cursor is in a katakana(W) field. Users can input DBCS (or Zenkaku) katakana characters, then use function key F8 to get halfwidth katakana characters, or use function key F10 to get alphanumeric characters.