Shift Out/Shift In considerations

For DBCS mix, DBCS open (O), DBCS only (J), and DBCS either (E) fields, if the Show unprotected Shift Out/Shift In characters as spaces setting in the DBCS section of the Rendering tab is selected, the SO/SI characters are displayed as spaces in the GUI. If not selected, the SO/SI characters are not displayed in GUI.

To configure this property for connections used for ZIETrans Integration Objects, use the omitSOSI Host On-Demand session parameter. This parameter can have a value of true or false. If true, the ZIETrans Integration Object omits the SO/SI characters for the connection. If false (the default), the ZIETrans Integration Object replaces the SO/SI characters with a space, as is the case normally. For information about how to add the omitSOSI property to your Integration Object connection, see Configure optional, advanced connection settings.