Debugging applications that use Integration Object chaining

While Integration Object chaining is a powerful tool for modeling the most complex host applications, take care when assembling your applications. There is a risk of creating a Java™ EE application with Integration Objects that are invoked out of order; therefore, you should be aware of the errors you get on the server when this happens.

If you chain the Integration Objects incorrectly, you will experience problems when you run your Integration Object. Here are the error messages you might see on the server and how to debug them.

HPS5075 Received STATE_PLAY_ERROR while playing macro in file zzz.macro
This error occurs when the macro fails to play because it cannot match the current screen. This might happen if an Integration Object in a chain is invoked in the correct order (a connection in a specific chain was found for it to use), but the macro itself failed to play. It can be a problem if your start and stop state labels are all the same, or at least are the same for two Integration Objects, and you invoke the Integration Objects out of logical order.
HPS5035 There is no data source object {0} in HttpSession. A possible cause is the use of multiple browsers from a single machine to a chained application. See documentation for more information.
This error occurs when an Integration Object with a start state label of last Integration Object state fails to retrieve the connection and its state because its start state label does not match the stop state label of the preceding Integration Object.
When this happens, determine why this Integration Object is being invoked out of order.
  • Are you sure that another Integration Object (either a first or middle Integration Object) has already run and has placed its connection in the state labeled last Integration Object state (its stop state label)?
  • Are you sure that the JSP running this Integration Object was linked in the correct order?
  • Is there another Integration Object on the JSP that should have put the connection into the state labeled last Integration Object state and that failed? This does not always prevent other Integration Objects on the page from being invoked. You might be looking at a chain of errors.