The disconnectOnClose parameter

ZIETrans provides automatic disconnect functions to automatically disconnect the host if the browser is closed before the session disconnects. For more information see Automatic Disconnect and Refresh. For applications not using the automatic disconnect functions, the disconnectOnClose parameter performs a similar function. It enables the ZIETrans server to reset the host Telnet session immediately if the browser is closed before the session is manually disconnected from the host by the user. Disconnection normally occurs when the user clicks Disconnect. Resetting the Telnet session is accomplished by having a hidden frame in the browser that launches a new browser when the original browser is closed. The new browser window sends a disconnect signal and then closes itself.

The functionality is only enabled when you specify disconnectOnClose=true and you are using a supported version of Internet Explorer. Specification of the disconnectOnClose parameter is case sensitive. A sample URL request follows:
where appname is the name of your ZIETrans application.
The following conditions are true when using the disconnectOnClose parameter:
  • The disconnectOnClose parameter works if all navigation is done through the ZIETrans session frame (including clicking on links within the page).
  • The disconnectOnClose parameter does not work if the user browses away using the address bar or a Favorites entry. If the user browses away by these means, and does not navigate back to the ZIETrans application before closing the browser, the automatic disconnect does not occur.
  • The disconnectOnClose parameter does not work if frame support is disabled or if pop-up prevention software is installed.