Encoding settings

The character set used in ZIETrans JSPs, such as ZIETrans transformations and templates, must match the encoding configured in the user's browser, as well as the encoding specified in the application server. ZIETrans applications create JSPs in all locales using the UTF-8 character set.

WebSphere® Application Server has different default encoding settings for different locales. Some double-byte characters might be decoded incorrectly if the encoding setting for that locale is not UTF-8. You must configure the application server on which your ZIETrans application runs to use the same encoding used by the JSP in your ZIETrans application. To configure UTF-8, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WebSphere Application Server administrative console. If using the local test environment in Rational® SDP, in the Servers view, right-click on the server and select Administration > Run administrative console.
  2. Log into the administrative console, open the Servers tree in the left navigation panel, and select Application servers.
  3. Select the server name to modify.
  4. In the right panel, open the Java™ and Process Management tree, select Process Definition, and on the panel that opens next, select Java Virtual Machine .
  5. In the Generic JVM arguments section, enter -Dclient.encoding.override=UTF-8.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Select the Save links in the Messages blocks.
  8. Log off, and restart WebSphere Application Server.