Enhanced Non-Programmable Terminal User Interface (ENPTUI) enables an enhanced interface on non-programmable terminals (NPT) and programmable work stations (PWS) over the 5250 full screen menu-driven interface, taking advantage of 5250 display data stream extensions. ZIETrans supports a subset of the ENPTUI feature which includes graphical interface constructs. These constructs are represented by two ZIETrans components: Scrollbar and Selection Field.

You can add ENPTUI support during the creation of a new ZIETrans project from the ZIETrans toolbar by selecting ZIETrans > New > Project (or File > New > ZIETrans Project) to launch the Create a Project wizard. When you get to the Connection Settings panel and select either 5250 or 5250W for your connection type, select the Add graphical interface DDS keywords (ENPTUI) rendering support check box to enable the support.
Note: This option is not available in projects that are optimized for mobile devices.

If the check box is selected, the default rendering set in the application.hap file will include standard ENPTUI rendering items and the component and widget registry (ComponentWidget.xml) will include the ENPTUI components and widgets for inclusion in either default rendering or custom transformations. Also, the default connection object created will have ENPTUI=true added to the advanced connection properties, which is required for ZIETrans to receive the ENPTUI data from the host.

If the check box remains cleared, the Create a Project wizard will edit the component and widget registry and the application.hap file and remove ENPTUI rendering items, components, and widgets from the files laid down by the wizard in the new project.
Note: This is the only chance to have ZIETrans add ENPTUI components and widgets to the project. If you want to add ENPTUI to your project after creation, all edits to ComponentWidget.xml, application.hap, and main.hco must be done manually (by comparing to find the changes required). This is not recommended. Creating a new project is the recommended method to add ENPTUI support.

Following are the ENPTUI components and their settings. These components do not appear in the ZIETrans Components section in the Palette view of the Rich Page Editor. If the ENPTUI support has been enabled as described above, these components are accessible from the Rational® SDP menu bar by clicking ZIETrans Tools > Insert Host Component.

The following figure shows how the ENPTUI components might appear on your host screen:
Figure 1. ENPTUI components example
Example of ENPTUI components
  1. Selection field component
  2. Scrollbar field component