Insert Global Variable

Insert Global Variable allows one of the following options:
  • The insertion of a global variable into a transformation as text.
  • A prompt for a global variable with input fields.
You select a defined global variable whose value you want to display from the drop-down Name list.

You then select how you want the global variable displayed at runtime. If you select Display global variable value as static text, you can click the Advanced button and the Variable is indexed check box. Then use the radio buttons to specify whether all indexes or only a single index is inserted. If you click the Show all indices radio button, then select the Separator from the drop-down list. If you click the Show a single index radio button, then specify the number of the index to insert. Selecting the Shared check box will take the global variable from the shared list.

If you want to prompt the user using an input box, select Prompt for global variable with input box. Select Set initial value from global variable to insert an initial value in the input field. Selecting Mask as password field will mask what the user inserts in the input field.