Host Screen Preview

To see what the current host screen would look like if transformed by the server, click the Host Screen Preview tab at the top of the Host Terminal window. The preview screen will display the host screen you are on as a Web page.

The host screen preview first applies any screen customization defined for the present screen. If there are no screen customizations defined for the current screen, the project level template and default rendering rules are applied to the screen.

The host screen preview applies the order of screen customizations listed in the Events tab of your Project Settings. As soon as it finds a screen recognition match is shows you the screen transformed by the transformation defined in that screen customization (if any). If there is not match, then the default transformation is shown.

The host screen preview will not process any screen customizations defined in the next screen list. Next screens are not processed in the host screen preview. For more information, see Next Screen.
Note: The Host Screen Preview tab is only seen if your current host terminal is associated with the default connection. If you open a host terminal on a background connection, you will not see this preview.