Providing documentation for users

To facilitate use of your ZIETrans application, you may want to document the keyboard settings for your users—either in the application's graphical user interface or in some other easily displayed form (perhaps a link in your template). Your documentation should describe:
  • How to turn keyboard support on and off, using Turn Keyboard On/Off.
  • The ZIETrans keyboard mapping, as shown in Table 1.
  • How the Enter key works with ZIETrans tabbed folders. Keyboard support must be off when the user presses the Enter key to display the contents of a different tab, after using the Tab key to move to a new tab. If keyboard support is not turned off, the Enter key goes to the host.
Table 1. Key mapping in ZIETrans
Button on button bar Default physical key mapping
F1 – F12 F1 – F12
F13 – F24 Shift + F1 – F12
RESET Ctrl + R
SYSREQ Shift + Esc
ATTN Pause/Break
PAGEDN Page Down
PA1 Alt + Delete
PA2 Alt + End
PA3 Alt + Page Down

Ctrl + P

HELP Ctrl + H
Enable/disable keyboard Ctrl + K
Default Alt + Insert
Refresh Alt + Page Up
Reset HTML Form Ctrl + S
Disconnect Ctrl + D
View print jobs Ctrl + J
Reverse Alt + Enter
Field Exit

Shift + Enter

Note: For more information, see Special 5250 field key support.

Ctrl + Numpad Plus


Ctrl + Numpad Minus

Note: For more information, see Special 5250 field key support.