Keyboard support

You can customize the following settings for keyboard support:
Enable keyboard support
Select the check box if you want your users to be able to use the physical keyboard keys to interact with the host. This enables users to press certain physical keys that have been mapped to host AID keys, such as the F1, SYSREQ, RESET, or ATTN keys. Users can toggle this feature off if they want to use a mapped physical keyboard key to interact with the browser instead.

To use keyboard support in ZIETrans Web projects, you must have a supported Web browser.

Turn initial keyboard support state on
Select this check box to make the keyboard enabled when the GUI is initially displayed to the user.
Select from the following options to specify if keyboard support will be limited to function keys displayed on the browser page:
Support only host functions displayed on host keypad
Selecting this option will scan the browser page for recognized function buttons or links. If any functions are found, only those are supported. If none are found, all functions are supported.
Support all mapped host functions
Select this option to have keyboard support work with all mapped functions, regardless of which host key buttons or links may exist on the browser page. This is the default behavior for new ZIETrans applications.