Light pen (selection)

The light pen (selection) component is responsible for recognizing a light pen (also known as selector pen) selection field on 3270 host screens.
Note: This component does not appear in the ZIETrans Components section in the Palette view of the Rich Page Editor. If light pen support was enabled by selecting the Add light pen rendering support check box during the initial creation of a 3270 or 3270E project, this component is accessible from the Eclipse menu bar by clicking ZIETrans Tools > Insert Host Component.

A recognized light pen selection field can be rendered by the Check box widget.

If the designator character (the first character of the field) is a question mark (?), the rendered check box is not selected. If the designator character is a greater-than sign (>), the rendered check box is selected.

The following figure shows how a light pen (selection) component might appear on your host screen:
Figure 1. Light pen (selection) component example
Example of light pen (selection) component
  1. Designator character (the first character of the field)
The following settings can be configured for this component:
Consume remainder of field
Specifies whether the entire field or just the first character of the field is consumed and rendered by the widget. Select this check box to specify that the entire field is consumed and rendered. For example, the contents of the field are rendered as the caption of the rendering widget (check box). Clear this check box to specify that only the first character will be rendered by the widget. This is useful to preserve colors or extended attributes in the remainder of the field. When in Default Rendering, clearing this check box will cause the remainder of the field (everything except for the first character of the field) to be rendered by some other widget (in most cases by the Field widget). The default is selected.