View Log

Using the View Log panel, you can view the ZIETrans log file, download the entire file, or clear the file. The log file records information about two kinds of events:
Error events
Problems that prevent an operation from completing. Error events typically require that you take some action to correct the problem.
Warning events
Unexpected occurrences that might require action to correct the problem. Warning events are not as serious as error events.

The log file is intended for you to read and use as a reference when troubleshooting problems. Most of the messages that appear in the log are documented in ZIETrans Messages. That publication contains suggestions for actions you can take to correct problems, when necessary.

Note: In Windows, you cannot rename or delete the standard output and standard error logs while ZIETrans applications are running. If you want to rename or delete these logs as part of troubleshooting procedures, to reclaim disk space, or to minimize the size of an information bundle file, you must stop the application server representing ZIETrans. However, the WebSphere® node can remain running.