Importing a macro

You can also import macros recorded with other programs, such as the IBM® WebSphere® Host Publisher or IBM Host On-Demand. To import these macros, select File > Import > ZIETrans > Host Publisher/HOD Macro and click Next to display the Import a Host Publisher/HOD Macro dialog. Click Add and navigate to the location of the macro on the file system.

  1. A Host On-Demand macro with an exit screen that performs an action that submits an AID key to the host may cause timing problems when running in the ZIETrans runtime. When the macro finishes running, ZIETrans runtime renders the exit screen. But the AID key causes the host to return another (trailing) screen which is not rendered. To correct this timing problem, do one of the following:
    • Use the automatic refresh function to display the trailing screen. See Automatic Disconnect and Refresh.
    • Use the Visual Macro Editor (VME) to change the exit screen for the macro from the original exit screen to the trailing screen. The integrated terminal of the VME works like Host On-Demand and can be used to play the macro and display the trailing screen. Use the VME to add the trailing screen to the macro, change its properties to indicate it is the exit screen, and change the properties of the original exit screen to remove the exit screen indication. For more information, see the Visual Macro Editor chapter in the ZIETrans Advanced Macro Guide.
  2. Host Publisher macros with fixed iteration loops continually recognize the same screen and perform different actions. In ZIETrans, you cannot create a screen customization to recognize the same screen a second time and perform a different action than the first time it was recognized. If you attempt to use a Host Publisher macro with fixed iteration looping, your project might go into an infinite loop. Host Publisher macros with fixed iteration looping can be identified by looking at the source code for the macro. The macro contains customreco tags with ID attributes of HPubFixedIterationLoop and custom tags with ID attributes of HPubIncrementLoop.