Insert Macro Key

With Insert Macro Key, the user can run the macro on a transformation by clicking on a button or a link, or by selecting the macro from a drop-down list. For example, your transformation can present a logon screen that also has a button for a logon macro. When the user clicks the button, the macro plays to supply a user ID and a password, and navigates to the next screen that the user needs to see.

To add a macro to your transformation, select the macro you want to add. For Web projects you can select multiple macros within the same instance of the wizard. You must also define how to display and initiate the macro from the transformation. Choose from one of the following options:
  • Button
  • Link
  • Dropdown list (Web-only)
Note: ZIETrans uses the description of the macro as the text inserted into the transformation for any of the rendering options but you can still change the name by editing the text in the Source view.