The Source tab displays the tags in the macro-name.hma file for all the attributes and values for the macro, where macro-name is the name you gave to the macro when you created it or imported it. As you make changes on other tabs in the project editor, the tags and attributes displayed in the source file change to match. You can also make changes to the tags and attributes in the source file, and they are reflected on the appropriate tabs of the macro editor.

Prompts and extracts appear in the macro source file in the order that you recorded them. In addition, when you open the macro in the editor, the cursor appears on the same line it was on when you last saved the macro, instead of appearing at the top of the macro file.

By default, content assistance is enabled for all macros in the project. While editing a macro on the Source tab, press Crtl+Space to invoke content assistance. You can configure which macros in the product provide content assistance. For instructions, see Macro Content Assistance.