Play macro

If you recorded a macro, you can select it from the drop down box to play it. The macro will begin playback whenever this event is selected. It should be noted that the Play macro action runs a macro on the current connection. The Perform macro transaction, however creates a new connection to run the macro on.

To play a macro, select the Play macro bullet from the Add Action list, then select the name of the macro to play from the drop-down list. If you define a macro to be played as an action of this screen event, it is the last action applied. Be sure to use very specific criteria for recognizing that screen, to ensure that the macro will not be played on other screens. For example, if you are using a string criterion, specify that it must be found at the exact location, rather than anywhere on the screen. Make sure that the screen on which the macro ends does not satisfy the criteria for starting the macro. When you record a macro, be sure that the final screen is not the screen that is recognized by the screen event. If the recognized screen is the final screen of the macro, a loop will be created and the option to send a key to force the screen to change will not run when play macro is performed.