A pool is a group of host connections that are maintained in an initialized state, ready to be used without having to create and initialize them. This reduces the response time when starting and running an application.

You can enable pooling by clicking the Pooling tab and selecting the Enable pooling check box. If pooling is enabled, after the connection is released and determined to be in an acceptable state as defined by the checkin screen definition, it is kept in a list of active connections. When a new request for a connection is received, one of these idle pooled connections is used. If there are no idle pooled connections, a new one may be created based on other pool settings such as maximum connections. If connection pooling is disabled, after a connection has been released, it will be disconnected.

Because there is no guarantee that a user navigating screens on the default connection will navigate back to the checkin screen, it is recommended that you do not use pooling on the ZIETrans default connection. Pooling is efficient and effective for background connections used by Integration Objects or used in perform macro transaction actions, since these automated navigations can be programmed to navigate back to the checkin screen.

You also have the option of setting your Connection Timeouts and Connection Limits.
  • For Connection Timeouts, select the Terminate connection after a maximum idle time check box, the Terminate connection after a maximum busy time check box, or both and enter the time in seconds.
    1. Terminate connection after a maximum busy time can also be used outside of pooling.
    2. Maximum busy time should be set to the same value for all connections within a ZIETrans application.
  • For Connection Limits, enter the minimum number of idle connections to retain in the pool, the maximum number of connections in the pool that can be active, or both in the text boxes.

    You can also decide what should be done after the maximum number of connections has been reached. You can either create a new (non-pooled) connection by selecting the radio button or wait for an available pooled connection and set the limit to the time to wait by selecting the Limit the time to wait for a pooled connection to a maximum number of seconds check box and entering the time in seconds in the text box. Clear the check box to wait indefinitely for a connection.