Use of other Rational SDP preferences

ZIETrans Toolkit appearance and behavior can also be affected by using other preferences available with Rational® SDP.

For example, you can use the Label Decorations preference to enable other toolkits such as Java™ Compile and CVS to decorate ZIETrans labels and images displayed in the ZIETrans Projects view. When there is an error, a red-mark can be displayed next to the file. When checking out files from a CVS repository, version numbers can be displayed next to the file names. To access the Label Decorations preference in Rational Application Developer:
  1. From the menu bar select Window > Preferences.
  2. Expand the General > Appearance tree view.
  3. Select Label Decorations.
    1. Decoration preferences are similarly located in other versions of Rational SDP.
    2. For more information see the Rational SDP Help system and search on Label decorations.