Alternate rendering

In this section you can specify that default rendering should be used if nothing is recognized to render during transformation of a ZIETrans component. This function is particularly useful when an application contains screens that have fields which may switch between unprotected and protected states. For example, if this function is not used and an input field component is being used to recognize the region, nothing will be recognized and rendered if the field switches to a protected attribute state.

Use default rendering on component rendering failure
Use this option to specify at the project level the action to be taken if a host component does not recognize a region in a screen event. This option is not selected by default. This causes nothing to be rendered if a region is not recognized by the specified component. If the option is selected, the region is transformed using default rendering.
Rendering set
From this drop-down, select the rendering set to use for the transformation from the list of currently defined rendering sets.
  1. If the selected rendering set is later deleted from the project and therefore does not exist at runtime, the default rendering set is used.
  2. You can also specify this function at the individual component level in a screen transformation. For more information see Insert Host Component.