For 3270E connections

To define print support for 3270E connections, take the following steps:
  • Verify with the system administrator that the print support on the host system is configured and active.
    Note: ZIETrans only supports associated printing for 3270E connections. That is, the end user specifies a display LU or display LU pool name, and print jobs must be sent to the printer LU associated with the assigned display LU.
  • In your project specify that the host type for your default connection is 3270E.
  • Obtain the display LU or display LU pool name from the system administrator.
  • In the editor for your 3270E default connection, click the Advanced tab and in the LU or Pool Name section, select one of the following options:
    • If using a display LU name, select Prompt user or select Use a specified value and enter the display LU name.
      Note: If you specify a display LU name, then in order for multiple users to use the application concurrently, they must override the display LU name at connection time. See Connection parameter overrides for more information.
    • If using a display LU pool name, select Use a specified value and enter the display LU pool name.
  • In the editor for your 3270E default connection, click the Printing tab and select the Enable print support check box .
  • Select the type of printing scenario you want to configure. You can select from three predefined starter scenarios or configure your own using advanced Host On-Demand printer session properties. The three starter scenarios are:
    • Default printing (Adobe PDF format)
    • Basic text files (Plain text format)
    • Direct to server-attached default Windows printer


  • For more information see Print settings for 3270E connections.
  • If running on a VM system, identify the printer to use for print jobs.

When a user of the ZIETrans application issues a command to print files, the host application sends a print job to the printer LU and the ZIETrans runtime converts the print job to the format configured for the connection. Once the file is formatted, the user can click View Print Jobs to see a list of queued print jobs. For Web applications this is a button on the application keypad.

Note: Each user has a separate list of available print jobs. Jobs printed by one user are not visible to another user.
Jobs in the queue can be opened or deleted by clicking the appropriate icons. For example, if open is selected for a PDF file and a viewer program is installed, such as Adobe Acrobat, the viewer program will open with the specified file. The file can be printed or saved at this point. If for example a PDF viewer is not installed, the user is prompted to save the file (as a .pdf file). The saved file can be opened from another system that has a PDF viewer program installed.
  1. For ZIETrans Web applications, the print files are stored on the WebSphere® Application Server system. If you terminate the ZIETrans application, you will lose all print files in the queue.
  2. If the application has been configured to send the print jobs directly to a printer, the print files are not stored anywhere. The user cannot view or delete the jobs from this panel, but can see that they were received until they have finished printing.
  3. Adobe Reader 9 is required to view PDFs created for 3270E connections that use Japanese host code pages 1390 or 1399. To create PDFs files that contain no JIS2004 characters and can be viewed with Adobe Reader 8, you must disable JIS2004 support for the 3270E connection. For how to do this, see Disabling JIS2004 support for code pages 1390 and 1399.