Providing documentation for users

To facilitate use of your ZIETrans applications by users, it is recommend that you provide documentation on how to use the print support in ZIETrans. Your documentation—provided either in the application's graphical user interface or in some other easily displayed form (perhaps a link in your template)—should describe:
  • Using the functions in the Printer Output window, as described below
  • If a PDF viewer (Adobe) is not installed, the user is prompted to save the file to disk.
    Note: You might consider adding a link to your application to where the user can download a free copy of the Acrobat Reader.
  • When the ZIETrans application closes, the printer output window closes automatically.
  • Any application-specific information you want to include.
To use ZIETrans print support, a user should follow these steps:
  1. Start the ZIETrans application.
  2. Print the files.
  3. Click View Print Jobs. For Web applications this is a button on the application keypad. The Printer Output window displays a list of print jobs, if any exist.
    In the Printer Output window, the user can click options for a print job to either Open or Delete it. If the user clicks open, the print job is displayed as a PDF file in Acrobat Reader, if it is available. If not, the user is prompted to save the file to disk.
    1. While the print jobs are spooling, the user might see the file names for the print jobs in the printer output window, but View and Delete are disabled until the conversion to PDF format is complete.
    2. Each user has a separate list of available print jobs. Jobs printed by one user are not visible to another user.