Fields criteria

You can use the Total number of fields on a screen, the Number of input fields on a screen, or both as screen recognition criteria. The Total number of fields setting includes input fields, protected text fields, and hidden fields. These are the first two criteria shown on the tab.

If you select the check box for these criteria, they are used to recognize the screen. The fields next to each field criterion show the total number of fields and input fields for the screen specified on the Overview tab. If you change the screen being used for this screen event, click Refresh to update the values for the screen you select.
Note: If you are using field criteria to recognize screens that have a certain number of fields, and another screen does not contain the same number of fields, that screen is not recognized. For example, one screen might have a list of ten files with ten fields. If the host displays a screen with only eight files in the list and eight fields, the second screen does not match the number of fields criterion of the screen event that matched the first screen.

For an explanation of the Optional and Invert check boxes, see Optional versus non-optional screen recognition criteria and Inverted match of screen recognition criteria.