Screen event priority

You can modify the order of the screen events using the Events tab of the project editor. See Events for more information.

When a ZIETrans application is running and a new host screen is encountered, ZIETrans checks the first enabled screen event in the event priority list to determine if the screen recognition criteria match the host screen. If so, no more screen events are checked for matches, and the actions for the first screen event are performed. If not, the next screen event in the list is checked to determine whether the screen recognition criteria match the host screen. This continues until the last screen event in the list is checked.

If there are no screen recognition criteria in the screen events that match the current host screen, ZIETrans processes the Blank screen event if it has actions and the screen is blank. Otherwise, ZIETrans processes the unmatched screen event. The ZIETrans unmatched screen event is a special screen event that occurs only when no defined screen events match the host screen. The default action of this event is to display the host screen (default transformation) that applies the default template.

You can modify the actions to be taken if a host screen does not match any of your screen events. For example, you can create a Web page that tells the user that the page was not found and gathers information about how the user reached that screen. You can use the Show URL action to present the Web page.

If you want to modify the action of the unmatched screen event, go to the Events tab and click Unmatched screen under the Application Events section to open its editor. Click the Actions tab at the bottom of the editor to display the actions. Click Add, Edit, or Remove to customize the unmatchedScreen.evnt file.