Rendering (screen combination only)

The Rendering tab is displayed only for a screen combination event. Use this tab to set which component to use to recognize the information to be gathered by the screen combination. Also, use this tab to set which widget to use to render the component. A subset of the ZIETrans components and widgets are supported in screen combination events. See Insert Host Component for more information about using ZIETrans components and widgets.

You can click the Change Region button to change the screen capture and the region of the screen to be considered by the component.

You can also use the following setting in projects to control when the results of the screen combination are first displayed to the user in relation to when the screen combination completes.

use dynamic, cached content loading
Leave this box clear to specify that ZIETrans should navigate through all of the screens of the screen combination and combine all of the results before displaying the results to the user. Select this box to specify that ZIETrans should begin displaying the results to the user as soon as the results from the first screen are gathered and continue updating the display of the results as the screens are navigated.