Java 2 security

Java™ 2 security provides a policy-based access control mechanism that checks for permission before allowing an application access to certain protected system resources, such as file I/O, sockets, and environment properties.

Java 2 security is supported by the application server. It is disabled by default but is enabled automatically when you configure WebSphere® security to enable global security. Although Java 2 security is enabled when you enable WebSphere global security, you can disable it. You can configure Java 2 security and global security independently of each other. Disabling global security does not disable Java 2 security automatically. You need to explicitly disable it.

ZIETrans supports Java 2 security when running on WebSphere Application Server on any supported server software platform.

ZIETrans does not support Java 2 security in the following environments:
  • The Run on Server (ROS) function in ZIETrans Toolkit.
  • WebSphere Portal on any platform except Windows.