Selecting management scope

You can select the scope of management. ZIETrans administrative console maintains a list of the management scopes for the life of the HttpSession. The initial scope of management is selected by default as the ZIETrans enterprise application (.ear) of the ZIETrans application used to access the ZIETrans administrative console. You can change the scope of management to manage other ZIETrans enterprise applications deployed within the same WebSphere® cell.

The key to changing management scope is providing the host and port information for ZIETrans administrative console to locate installed ZIETrans enterprise applications. The port value specified must be an active WebSphere BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS port. WebSphere application servers, nodes, and cells each have a BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS port. Specifying the port value for one of these WebSphere resources enables administration for the ZIETrans enterprise applications deployed to that resource. Specifying a host and port of a WebSphere node enables administration of all ZIETrans enterprise applications installed on that node. Refer to WebSphere Application Server documentation for more information about the BOOTSTRAP_ADDRESS port.

In a secured environment, an administrator may see the following message in the ZIETrans administrative console while trying to change the scope of administration:

There was a problem in trying to manage the scope you selected. There are no ZIETrans applications found. Your management scope has not been changed.

This may occur because in a WebSphere secured environment, the user is not authorized to carry out the communication required to populate the list of available applications to be administered.

If WebSphere is using the local operating system as the user registry, the username used to access the ZIETrans administrative console must have Administrator rights in the local operating system registry. If WebSphere is using LDAP as the user registry, the username used to access the ZIETrans administrative console must be the server ID used by WebSphere for accessing LDAP.