Show URL action

If you want to show a Web page as the action of this screen event, you must specify the URL (uniform resource locator) address of the Web page in the URL field. The Web page is shown surrounded by the default template, similar to the way a transformation is shown. After the Web page loads, the user returns to the ZIETrans application by clicking the Continue button at the bottom of the Web page.

If embedded objects are not supported or not allowed by the browser, for example, objects with data type of html, this action shows a link to the Web page instead of showing the contents of the Web page.

When you specify the target of the Show URL action, the client's workstation must have access to the target page. Because of this, you may not be able to specify a target Web page that is protected by your enterprise firewall, for example, unless the client's workstation has direct access to the target page. Be sure to give the complete URL for the target, since the client may not otherwise be able to resolve the host name of the target page. If the target page is not on the application server hosting the ZIETrans application (a "cross-domain" access), the browser settings may need to be adjusted to allow the off-server target page to be loaded.

For example, in Internet Explorer V6.0, or later, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options, then the Security tab. The browser displays the Web content zone in the lower right corner of the browser window. If the page is in the Internet zone, for example, you may need to adjust the Internet zone settings to allow the target page to load. Choose the correct zone, and then press the Custom Level button. Scroll to the Miscellaneous settings, and select a setting for Access data sources across domains. Select Enable to allow the target page to load. Select Prompt to be prompted before loading the target page. If you select Disable, you may be unable to load the target Web page.