Starting ZIETrans administrative console

The ZIETrans administrative console is Web-based. You perform administration tasks using a Web browser, through a user interface provided by the ZIETrans administrative console servlet, ZIETransAdminServlet.

To start the ZIETrans administrative console, load this URL in your browser: http://host:port/appname/ZIETransadmin/admin, where host is your host name, port is the port number of HTTP transport of the application server on which the ZIETrans application is running and appname is the name of a ZIETrans application that includes administration support.
Note: The port specification is not needed if URL requests are directed to a Web server configured for WebSphere®.

When you start the ZIETrans administrative console, it uses the default language of the server. You can, however, change the language by selecting Preferences in the navigation frame, choosing the language you want, and restarting the browser. The new language choice remains in effect for that browser until you select another language in Preferences.

  1. If cookies are disabled for the browser accessing the ZIETrans administrative console, the following changes occur:
    • The ZIETrans administrative console does not keep track of the user's language preference.
    • The language of the browser is determined by the browser's preferred language, based on the Accept-Language header.
    • The language selection choice does not appear in the ZIETrans administrative console preferences.