The Design tab of the Rich Page Editor displays the current view of the template as you make changes to it. While on this tab, additional edit options are available from the ZIETrans Tools context menu. For example, you can drag ZIETrans components from the Palette and add HTML tags.

You can also insert global variables, macro keys, host and application keypads, or individual keys. You can insert these items using the ZIETrans Tools menu on the ZIETrans Toolkit menu bar.

If you want to add images to your project, you should import them into the Web Content/Common/Images directory of your project. To import images, click File > Import > General > File System to open the Import wizard. Select the location of the image source files you want to import in the From directory field. Select the project_name/Web Content/common/images directory as the destination Into Folder. When your image source files are imported, right-click on the Images folder, and select Show thumbnails on the Thumbnails tab in the lower right window to see the images in the folder. You can use the drag-and-drop method to copy images into the Design tab view of your template.

Note: For considerations when using GB18030 national language characters, see Using code page 1388 (GB18030).

When you click the Insert Host Component, Insert Macro or Insert Global Variable items in the ZIETrans Tools menu, a wizard appears where you define those items, as you do in transformations. See Insert Host Component, Insert Macro Key and Insert Global Variable for more information about these wizards.