Log and trace file names

The base log and trace file names in runtime.properties are used as templates to generate unique sets of log and trace files for each application server. The default base trace file name is trace.txt; the default base log file name is messages.txt. The application server name is appended to the base file name to generate the template for the log and trace files for an application server. The application server name is the same as the fully qualified name of the application server, as defined by WebSphere®. This name is cell_node_server, where:
  • cell is the name of the WebSphere cell.
  • node is the name of the WebSphere node.
  • server is the name of the WebSphere server.
The application server running ZIETrans is the concatenation of the underscore (_) character, followed by the application server name, followed by another underscore (_) character.
Using the trace file as an example, the name becomes trace _cell_node_server_.txt. Finally, an index (1, 2, 3, and so on) is added to this name to distinguish multiple files. With multiple trace files configured, the trace file names for this application server are trace_cell_node_server_1.txt, trace_cell_node_server_2.txt, and so on.
Note: When running on WebSphere Application Server for z/OS®, an application server can have more than one Servant running, with each Servant generating unique log and trace files. To distinguish these, the server component of the name is prefixed with the Address Space ID (ASID) of the Servant (example: trace_asid_1.txt).