Editing transformations for Web projects

You can see the transformations you have created by expanding the Web Content/Transformations folder in the ZIETrans Projects view. To edit a transformation using the Rich Page Editor that is built into Rational® SDP, double-click on the name of the transformation. To see other available editors, right-click on the name of the transformation and select Open With. See Rational SDP documentation for the Rich Page Editor by selecting Help > Help Contents from the menu bar and then search on Rich Page Editor.

The following limitations apply to editing transformations:
  • Transformations must be UTF-8 encoded.
Note: When you copy a transformation from one ZIETrans project to another, the screen capture file associated with the transformation is not copied. The copied transformation will work at runtime without the associated screen capture file. However, you cannot preview the copied transformation in the ZIETrans Toolkit without the associated screen capture file.

In order to preview the copied transformation, you must copy the associated screen capture file by selecting it in the Screen Captures folder. Once you have copied the screen capture file, go back and select the copied transformation from the Transformations folder and open the transformation. Go to the Design tab and right-click anywhere in the window. Select ZIETrans Tools > Edit Host Component. Once the wizard comes up, select the screen from the drop-down menu and click Finish.

When editing a transformation, you can change the properties of ZIETrans components, or other controls (such as buttons, images, and links), by using the Properties view. The Properties view is located at the bottom area of the transformation editor. You can also access the Properties view by selecting Window > Show View > Properties from the ZIETrans menu.

The Palette view can also be used to add ZIETrans components to your transformation. You can select the component from the drop-down menu and drag it to your transformation. The Palette also contains different tags (such as HTML, form tags, JSP) for easy editing. This view can also be launched by selecting Window > Show View > Palette from the menu bar.
Note: Custom components, ENPTUI, and light pen components do not appear in the ZIETrans Components section in the Palette view of the Rich Page Editor. When enabled they are accessible from the Rational SDP menu bar by clicking ZIETrans Tools > Insert Host Component.

The following sections describe each tab of the Rich Page Editor.