Previewing transformations

As previously mentioned, you can preview a widget as it displays on a transformation in the Insert Host Component wizard or the Insert Tabbed Folder wizard.

Another way to preview your transformation is to use screen captures. For every transformation you create in your project, there is an associated screen capture. You can see the screen captures by expanding the Screen Captures folder in the ZIETrans Projects view. Double-clicking on the name of the screen capture displays a view of the screen capture with two tabs, Host Screen and Preview. The Host Screen tab displays the screen as it appears on the host. The Preview tab displays how the transformation is rendered, along with the template associated with the transformation.

The transformation and template used to generate the preview are based on screen customizations defined in your project. Preview scans the list of enabled screen customizations. When a screen customization is encountered that matches the screen capture, the first action that applies a transformation (along with the associated template) is used to render the preview. If no matching screen customization is found, the default template and transformation are used for the preview.
  1. The Preview tab will not process the Next Screen defined in the screen recognition event. For more information, see Next Screen.