The Connections tab displays the information about your project's connections. There are two types of connections in ZIETrans, default (also referred to as transformation) and background. Each ZIETrans application has one default connection for the host application whose screens ZIETrans will transform. Background connections are any connections in a project other than the default connection. ZIETrans does not transform screens from background connections. For more information, see Managing connections.

You can select your default host connection from the Default drop-down list.

There is also a list table displaying all of your project connections. The list displays the connection name, host, host type, port number and code page. You can add additional project connections by clicking the Add button which launches the Create a Connection wizard. ZIETrans allows you to specify more than one connection which can be used for your project. For information about using the wizard see Creating a connection.

To edit an existing connection, select the connection and click Edit to launch the connection editor. For more information see Connection editor.

The Remove button will delete the highlighted connection. If you click Refresh, the list will be updated.