Using host simulation

The ZIETrans Toolkit includes a host simulation capability. With this capability, you can record host simulation trace files that can be saved and then used instead of a live host connection. Following are ways you can use host simulation files instead of using a live host connection:
  • Create screen captures, screen events, and screen transformations using the host terminal function.
  • Create and test macros using the host terminal function.
  • Test ZIETrans applications using the Rational® SDP local test environment.
  • Deploy ZIETrans applications to a runtime environment to use as demonstrations.

In addition, the host simulation capability can be used in troubleshooting by allowing you to record a host simulation file in the runtime environment that you can use, along with other traces and logs, to document a failing scenario.

  1. Host simulation is not supported for SSL enabled connections.
  2. Host simulation traces of ENPTUI-enabled devices recorded with the stand alone Host Simulator tool might not play back correctly if ENPTUI is not enabled in the ZIETrans project.