The Overview tab of the project editor summarizes all of the settings you specified when you created your project.

The General Information section contains the project name and description, the chosen template and theme, and the date last modified.
Note: A theme is not displayed for projects optimized for mobile devices. For more information, see Developing ZIETrans applications for mobile devices.

Click the link for the current theme to change the project theme. Four options are provided, Standard, Modern Web application (Web-only), Classic terminal emulator, and Custom. Each function in the list of settings can be enabled elsewhere in the project settings. This list provides a convenient method of setting the functions in one place that together can be treated as a theme for the appearance and behavior of your application.

The following table shows how each theme setting maps to an individual project setting.
Table 1. Theme setting to project setting map
Theme Setting Project Editor Tab Project Setting
Automatic field advance Other Client settings > Enable automatic field advance
Cursor positioning on protected fields Rendering Widgets > Field > Allow cursor positioning on protected fields
Field extended attributes Rendering Widgets > Field > Enable extended attributes
Host keypad Rendering Host keypad > Show default host keypad
Keyboard support Other Keyboard support > Enable keyboard support
Operator information area Rendering Operator information area > Show OIA
Overwrite mode (initial) Other Client settings > Overwrite mode (initial)
Rendering using monospaced font Rendering Widgets > Field > Render using monospace font

The Standard theme enables the functions that are enabled by default when a ZIETrans project is first created. Selecting the Modern theme deselects all of the individual functions. Selecting the Classic theme selects all of the functions. Selecting the Custom theme allows you to select any other combination of functions.

Note: For more theme settings when using DBCS support see Project theme settings.
The Testing section contains links that can be used to test your project. For ZIETrans Web projects the links are:
  • Launch on WebSphere® Application Server
  • Launch on WebSphere Application Server in Debug mode
  1. Clicking either of these links will perform the same operation as if you right-click on your project in the ZIETrans Projects view and select either Run on Server or Debug on Server.
  2. For more information about testing modes see Testing modes for Web projects.

The Connections, Rendering Settings, and Other Settings sections summarize the settings specified on each of their corresponding tabs. The headings themselves are links to their corresponding tabs which are described in sections that follow.