Modifying a ZIETrans project

When you create a project using the ZIETrans Create a Project wizard, the settings you choose in the wizard are saved in a project application (.hap) file. You can invoke the project editor by double-clicking on Project Settings under the name of the project you want to modify in the ZIETrans Projects view.

The settings displayed in the project editor are the settings that are used for the entire project. If you want to modify any of the settings, you can use the tabs of the project editor. Saved changes made in the project editor are automatically recognized when running your project in a test environment by clicking Refresh on the application keypad or by displaying a new host screen in the GUI. The Refresh will not pick up changes made to the connection (.hco) files. Connection setting changes are applied when the application server (or application) is restarted.
Note: Settings used for the entire ZIETrans project should not be confused with settings applied throughout ZIETrans. ZIETrans-wide settings can be applied from Window > Preferences > ZIETrans.

The following sections describe each tab of the project editor, and explain how they can be used to modify the project settings.