Configuring Rational SDP for IBM Bluemix server

This section describes how to configure Rational Software Delivery Platform (Rational SDP) to enable creating ZIETrans web applications targeted for IBM Bluemix server.

Configure IBM Bluemix server as a target server in Rational SDP for ZIETrans web applications:
  1. On the Rational® SDP menu bar, click Window > Preferences.
  2. In the left panel, expand Server.
  3. Click Runtime Environments.
  4. In the Server Runtime Environments panel, click Add.
  5. In the New Server Runtime Environment dialog, expand the IBM folder.
  6. Select IBM Bluemix Runtime.
  7. Optional: Select the Create a new local server box to create a new Bluemix server on your workspace Servers tab. Doing this step enables you to test your Bluemix application within the Rational SDP local test environment using the Run on Server, Debug on Server, and Profile on Server functions.
  8. Click Next to go to the panel where you enter your Bluemix account details. Enter your Bluemix account email address and password and validate the account.
  9. Click Next to go to the panel where you get Organizations and Spaces. Select the space you want.
  10. Click Finish, and then click OK to close the Preferences panel.

After following these steps, you can create ZIETrans applications within Rational SDP targeted for IBM Bluemix Server.