Recognition criteria

ZIETrans, by default, adds the following recognition criteria for the OIA status to all screen events:
<oia invertmatch="false" optional="false" status="NOTINHIBITED"/>

This means that the OIA status must be NOTINHIBITED, in addition to the other matching criteria, for ZIETrans to evaluate the screen as a match. If the OIA status is anything else, the screen will not be considered a match even if other criteria are met. As a result, the default transformation will be displayed in the browser.

To have ZIETrans ignore the OIA status for a specific screen event, simply change the recognition criteria from NOTINHIBITED to DONTCARE, by following these steps:
  1. In the ZIETrans Projects view, expand your project and the list of screen events (screen customizations or screen combinations).
  2. Double-click on the screen event to start the screen event editor.
  3. At the bottom of the editor, click the Source tab.
  4. Find the line that contains the string status="NOTINHIBITED". Change NOTINHIBITED to DONTCARE.
  5. Save the change by clicking File > Save or pressing Ctrl+S.

If the host screen is in fact inhibited, or locked, you must press a specific key or key combination, such as Ctrl+R (host Reset) or Escape (host Clear), to unlock the screen or to move to the next screen.