Making customized templates, style sheets, and images available

ZIETrans enables you to share customized templates, style sheets and images.
  • To share customized templates, copy the template .jsp files from
     <workspace_directory>\project name\Web Content\templates
    projects\language\new\Web Content\templates
    where nnn is the version and build level of ZIETrans, and language is en for English.
  • If you copy customized versions of the Finance.jsp, Industry.jsp, Research.jsp, or Transport.jsp templates, you must also copy the appropriate JavaScript file from
    <workspace_directory>\project name\Web Content\common\scripts
    projects\new\Web Content\common\scripts
  • To make customized style sheets available to all new ZIETrans projects, copy .css files from:
    <workspace_directory>\project name\Web Content\common\stylesheets
    projects\new\Web Content\common\stylesheets
  • To make customized images available to all new ZIETrans projects, copy .jpg, .gif, or .png files from
    <workspace_directory>\project name\Web Content\common\images
    projects\new\Web Content\common\images
    Note: Some template images are found in subdirectories of the \images subdirectory.
After copying these files, the next time you create a new project you can select the new templates, style sheets, or images.