Select Insert Integration Object Properties > Output when you want to add Integration Object output to a JSP. On the Select Integration Object class page, enter the class name of the Integration Object you want to use and click the check box Insert Integration Object transaction methods to include the transaction methods that run Integration Objects. Click Next. On the Define outputs page, to change a control, select an output property and click Edit. Here you can define the leading text and select an appropriate output control.

A ZIETrans global variable contains a value that can be used to pass information from one ZIETrans object to another. If you want to pass Integration Object output data to another ZIETrans object, you must add code to the output JSP used to drive the Integration Object. You should add the code after successfully running the Integration Object, for example:
IOGV.setGlobalVariableString(session, "exampleGV", 
In this example, the shared global variable named exampleGV is assigned the value of the OutputData property of the exampleIO Integration Object.

The global variable used in an Integration Object environment must be defined as a shared global variable. The code in the example creates the shared global variable if it does not already exist.