Field Exit Emulation

This feature automatically supplies a Field Exit aid key for the user, when required. A Field Exit aid key is required when certain types of 5250 fields are modified.

For example, if a user is using the Quick Field Exit keypress to advance from field to field, and submits the screen with an Enter key or some other non-field aid key, a Field Exit might be required for the field containing the cursor when the screen is submitted.

In this case, if a required Field Exit is not supplied, the host might respond with the error message, Enter key not allowed in field. With this ZIETrans feature, the ZIETrans server sends a Field Exit to the host before sending the Enter, avoiding the error message.

If you want to disable this feature, add the following statements to the application.hap file:

<class name="">
        <setting name="emulateFieldExit" value="false"/>

If there is already a <class> section by this name, just add the <setting> line inside the section.