Web Express Logon (WEL) allows your users to access host applications using only their network security credentials. It provides a means for a ZIETrans application to accept user network credential information, previously authenticated by a network security layer, and use it to generate host credentials to be used instead of requiring a ZIETrans user to navigate host logon screens.

WEL works in conjunction with your company's network security application to maintain company security while allowing users to log on to host systems without having to re-enter their user IDs and passwords. It includes the following benefits:
  • Ease of use: Users can log on to their network security application and access host applications without having to re-enter their IDs and passwords.
  • Reduced password-related support calls: Users are less likely to call the company support line because of forgotten or misplaced passwords.
  • Increased productivity: Users can log on only once in an environment that has multiple methodologies for defining user IDs, passwords, and authentications.

A variant called Certificate Express Logon is also supported which allows authentication by using X.509 certificates rather than by network security applications.