Once you have obtained the information to begin setting up WEL, you will need to take the following steps:
  • Configure your network security application, if you are using one.
  • Configure connections in your ZIETrans project for WEL.

    When you select the Use Web Express Logon check box on the Security tab of the Connection editor and then click the Configure ... button, the Web Express Logon editor is opened. This editor has the following three tabs:

    • Network Security Plugin
    • Credential Mapper Plugins
    • Source
  • Configure WEL by:
    • Identifying the network security plug-in to be used, and specifying any initialization parameters.
    • Identifying the Credential Mapper plug-ins to be used in the EAR project, the criteria for selecting each one, and the initialization parameters for each one. Order them optimally based on their selection criteria.
  • Create and populate any back-end credential sources (such as DCAS).
  • Configure any required keystore files needed to connect to back-end credential sources like DCAS. A Certificate Management tool (also known as the IBM® Key Management tool) is provided, see Create SSL keystore file (DCAS only) for more information.
  • Record macros that include prompts for user ID and password to trigger WEL processing.
  • Trigger these macros at appropriate times in the ZIETrans project (connection's logon macro being one example).