JIS2004 support considerations and limitations

When using JIS2004 in your applications, consider the following items:
  1. JIS2004 is the default Japanese font support with Windows Vista SP1. If you want to continue using JIS90 on the Vista operating system, you can install Microsoft service pack KB927490, which can be downloaded and applied through Windows Update as additional software.
  2. To display JIS2004 characters in Windows XP, you must install Microsoft patch KB927489. Even when the patch is installed, you will not be able to insert some JIS2004 characters, such as the surrogate characters, since IME is not supported.
  3. The default font setting in ZIETrans does not display JIS2004 characters correctly without some changes to the font settings.
    For ZIETrans Web applications, enable the style setting in each ZIETrans widget, such as the Field Widget, to add the following fonts:
    • MS MinCho
    • MS Gothic
    • Meiryo
  4. When using Internet Explorer V7 and higher, new JIS2004 characters can be supported correctly by setting the fonts as described in the previous item.
  5. When using Internet Explorer V6, or when using the preview function in the ZIETrans Toolkit running on Windows XP, some new JIS2004 characters are not displayed correctly at all.
  6. Surrogate character support:
    1. In the ZIETrans terminal, when entering JIS2004 characters using IME, the candidate window displays surrogate characters as black squares. However, when the characters are sent to ZIETrans, the ZIETrans terminal displays the surrogate characters correctly.
    2. JIS2004 surrogate characters are not supported for Host On-Demand custom tables.
  7. Combining character support:
    1. Windows applications, such as Notepad, and Firefox Version 3 correctly handle JIS2004 combining characters as one character. However, when running ZIETrans Web applications in Internet Explorer, the combining character is handled as two separate characters instead of one character in input fields. The cursor can be placed between the two combining characters.
    2. When running ZIETrans Web applications at runtime in Internet Explorer, if you enter combining characters in the input field, and the Show unprotected Shift Out/Shift In characters as spaces setting in the DBCS section of the Rendering tab is enabled, combining characters become white squares. You can correct the white squares by disabling the setting, or using the Firefox browser.
    3. The ZIETrans PDF print function cannot display combining characters correctly.