Display support

To enable UDC display support for 3270, 3270E, and 5250 connections, follow these steps:
  1. Launch the UDC wizard.
    1. In the ZIETrans Projects view, edit the connection in your DBCS project.
    2. In the connection editor, click the Advanced tab.
    3. On the Advanced tab, click Set Up User-Defined Characters (UDC) Files.
  2. On the Select default mapping table page:
    1. Select Enable UDC mapping support.
    2. To launch the mapping editor for the code page defined for the connection, select Launch UDC mapping editor and click Launch. Use the mapping editor to make your changes. When you save your UDC changes, a mapping table file with the .gtt file extension is stored in the <RationalSDP_install_directory>\ZIETrans\UDC\udctransl\ directory. The following code pages are supported:
      Table 1. UDC mapping editor supported code pages
      Code page Location or usage
      930 Japanese (Katakana)
      930 Japan (Katakana Extended)
      933 Korea (Extended)
      937 Taiwan (Traditional Chinese Extended)
      939 Japanese (Latin Extended)
      1364 Korea Euro
      1371 Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) Euro
      1388 PRC (Simplified Chinese Extended; GB18030)
      1390 Japanese (Katakana Unicode Extended)
      1399 Japanese (Latin Unicode Extended)
    3. To import an existing mapping table directory, for example, one that was created using the Host On-Demand product, select Import available UDC mapping table directory and click Browse. A valid mapping table directory must contain one mapping index file (udctables.inx) and some mapping table files (*.gtt).
    4. From the Select default mapping table section, select the table to use as the default. If necessary, click Refresh List to refresh the list of tables displayed.
    5. Click Next.
  3. On the Summary page, notice all of the setup information. Click Back to make any changes. Otherwise, click Finish.

When you click Finish in the UDC wizard, ZIETrans copies the related UDC files to the appropriate ZIETrans project and updates the UDC_SETTING and UDC_TABLE_SELECTION advanced connection settings in your project.