Determining which strategy ZIETrans is using

Follow these steps to determine the strategy being used by ZIETrans:
  1. Turn on traces for HOD Transport and for ZIETrans Runtime. For more information about tracing, see Using the functions in ZIETrans administrative console. In the file, the settings are:
  2. View the trace file (typically contained within the logs directory of the ZIETrans.ear file and has a file name starting with trace.
  3. Look for entries similar to these when ZIETrans performs screen-settling:
    Text        RUNTIME      runtime.NextScreenBean.getInstance()
    	  oiaStatusFlags/isSSCP=x7 false
    	Text        RUNTIME      runtime.Fast3270ENSB.<init>()                          
    	  Create: Fast3270E: initialConnect=false, ttwOriginal=1200, tStartedWaiting=0, 
                           tLastPSEvent=0, keyToSend=[enter], minimumWait=250
    The key text, highlighted in bold, is the method name of the first example entry runtime.NextScreenBean.getInstance(), which begins a screen-settling process. The resulting object created in the entry begins with Create:. The strategy object created in this example has its name (Fast3270E) and its Java™ class name (Fast3270ENSB) on the second example trace entry, highlighted in italics.