User List

The user list is a list of user profiles that each include a user ID and password. The user list can be used by a connect macro associated with the host connection. When the connect macro runs, a user ID and password is pulled from the list and placed into the user ID and password fields in the host screen. This allows a predefined list of user IDs and passwords to be used, and the user does not have to know or enter a user ID and password on the host screen.

User lists are useful for cases where many end users may concurrently access a ZIETrans Web application, EJB, or Web service that requires an automated login using a centralized list of generic user IDs.

Be sure to properly set the option, Only allow single connection with each user ID, on the Advanced tab of the Connection editor to reflect the type of host system associated with the user list. If this option is not selected, the system will reuse one user profile for all connections to the host.

The User List tab displays a table of user profiles with the capability to add, edit, or remove any one of them.

If you click Add , you are prompted to provide the user ID, a description, and password. All of these fields are required and any of these fields can be modified by clicking Edit. You can also delete the entry by selecting it and clicking Remove.

Select Encrypt user list properties to store the passwords for all of the user list entries in encrypted form. The passwords are displayed as encrypted when the Source tab is selected. Clear this box to store all of the passwords in unencrypted form. The passwords always display as asterisks (*), and the User ID and Description fields remain unencrypted, regardless of this setting.

To specify the use of profiles from the user list, as you record a connect macro, when you reach the user ID field, click the Add Prompt Action icon on the host terminal toolbar. On the Add Prompt Action page, select Set prompt to property from User List. For User Profile, select a profile from the dropdown, and for User List property, select _userid. For the password field, use the same process, select the same profile, and for User List property, select _password. The profile you select while recording the macro is the one used as you test the macro. All profiles in the list are used, as necessary, during runtime.

To associate a connect macro with a host connection, edit the connection. On the Macros tab, for Connect macro, select your macro from the dropdown.

When using user lists, you must also record a disconnect macro to log off the user ID so it can be reused. To associate a disconnect macro with a host connection, edit the connection. On the Macros tab, for Disconnect macro, select your disconnect macro from the dropdown.