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Known Issues in Z and I Emulator for Transformation

This documentation gives you information about the known issues and possible workarounds (if any) in various versions of HCL Z and I Emulator for Transformation.

Note : This document is updated periodically as new information becomes available.

ZIETrans Version 1.0

  1. Unavailability of Help information for Error messages related to CSRF tokens :
  2. Help content within ZIETrans Toolkit and Online Infocenter do not contain details about CSRF Error messages displayed in the console with codes : ZIETrans1001 through ZIETrans1005.

  3. Mismatch in Error Codes displayed in the Console against corresponding details in Help for License information :
  4. Error Codes related to Licensing information appear differently in the Console and Help contents. The Console codes are displayed as ZIETrans0001 to ZIETrans0014, while they are referenced to as ZTR0001 through ZTR0014 in the Messages Book of the ZIETrans Help Content.

  5. Unwanted logs in the console :
  6. Even while running a Project in the normal mode, the Console shows a lot of additional information other than what are relevant to running the ZIETrans project.

  7. An incorrect link to Infocenter is seen in the console while running the project in Debug mode.

ZIETrans Version 2.0

  1. The Known issues in ZIETrans 2.0 will be updated here as and when an issue is identified in the product.