Appendix A. Additional information

Default rule for combining multiple descriptors in one macro screen

There is a default processing rule that applies when multiple descriptors are combined in one macro screen. It is called the default combining rule and it operates as follows:

  1. Evaluate all the required descriptors (that is, descriptors for which the Optional field is set to false).
    1. If all are true, then the screen matches.
    2. Otherwise, go to step 2.
  2. Start evaluating the optional descriptors (descriptors for which the Optional field is set to true).
    1. If any optional descriptor is true, then the screen matches.
    2. Otherwise, go to step 3.
  3. If you reach here, then the macro screen does not match the application screen.

Mnemonic keywords for the Input action

This section contains the mnemonic keywords for the Input action and the type of session or sessions in which the mnemonic is supported. Session support for a given mnemonic is denoted by an X, along with any special notes that apply to the function.

Table 24. Keywords for the Input action
Function: Keyword: 3270: 5250: VT:
Attention [attn] x x
Alternate view [altview] x3 x3
Backspace [backspace] x x x1
Backtab [backtab] x x
Beginning of Field [bof] x x
Clear [clear] x x x1
Cursor Down [down] x x x1
Cursor Left [left] x x x1
Cursor Right [right] x x x1
Cursor Select [cursel] x x x1
Cursor Up [up] x x x1
Delete Character [delete] x x x1, 2
Display SO/SI [dspsosi] x3 x3
Dup Field [dup] x x
Enter [enter] x x x
End of Field [eof] x x x1, 2
Erase EOF [eraseeof] x x
Erase Field [erasefld] x x
Erase Input [erinp] x x
Field Exit [fldext] x
Field Mark [fieldmark] x x
Field Minus [field-] x
Field Plus [field+] x
F1 [pf1] x x x
F2 [pf2] x x x
F3 [pf3] x x x
F4 [pf4] x x x
F5 [pf5] x x x
F6 [pf6] x x x
F7 [pf7] x x x
F8 [pf8] x x x
F9 [pf9] x x x
F10 [pf10] x x x
F11 [pf11] x x x
F12 [pf12] x x x
F13 [pf13] x x x
F14 [pf14] x x x
F15 [pf15] x x x
F16 [pf16] x x x
F17 [pf17] x x x
F18 [pf18] x x x
F19 [pf19] x x x
F20 [pf20] x x x
F21 [pf21] x x
F22 [pf22] x x
F23 [pf23] x x
F24 [pf24] x x
Help [help] x
Home [home] x x x1, 2
Insert [insert] x x x1, 2
Keypad 0 [keypad0] x
Keypad 1 [keypad1] x
Keypad 2 [keypad2] x
Keypad 3 [keypad3] x
Keypad 4 [keypad4] x
Keypad 5 [keypad5] x
Keypad 6 [keypad6] x
Keypad 7 [keypad7] x
Keypad 8 [keypad8] x
Keypad 9 [keypad9] x
Keypad Dot [keypad.] x
Keypad Enter [keypadenter] x
Keypad Comma [keypad,] x
Keypad Minus [keypad-] x
New Line [newline] x x
PA1 [pa1] x x
PA2 [pa2] x x
PA3 [pa3] x x
Page Up [pageup] x x x1, 2
Page Down [pagedn] x x x1, 2
Reset [reset] x x x
System Request [sysreq] x x
Tab Field [tab] x x x1
Test Request [test] x
  1. VT supports this function but it is up to the host application to act on it.
  2. Supported in VT200 mode only.
  3. The function is only available in a DBCS session.